Risk ZA Services: Auditing


Auditing is an integral function of continual improvement and should, therefore, be considered to be of high value and importance to an organisation. In order for an organisation to improve, it requires the analysis and evaluation of results achieved. Auditing is the undisputed hero of gathering the required data from these results.

We are excited to say that shifts in the mindsets of the technical committees, who develop the ISO standards, have modernised the traditional conformance auditing approach toward that of risk-based auditing.

Risk ZA promotes and makes use of this approach, conducting performance and conformance audits, both for our clients or on their behalf. The scope and criteria differ for each engagement, which further enforces to utilise guiding auditing standards. We conduct our audits with influence from ISO 19011 and ISO 17021.

The following Auditing services are supplied by Risk ZA:

risk za bullet point    First party internal audits

risk za bullet point    Second party supplier audits

risk za bullet point    Third party preparation audits


second and third party audits