Acceptable Use Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This policy defines the acceptable conditions under which you may make use of the Risk ZA Group website. You have the choice to make use of this website, in so doing you agree to be bound by the conditions of this Acceptable Use Policy.  If you do not agree with any term of this policy you must cease to access or make use of this website immediately.

1.2 Anyone making use of the website and the related services, that is under the age of 18 (eighteen) years, is required to obtain their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent to do so prior to making use of the website.

1.3 In proceeding with the use of the Risk ZA Group website you agree to:

1.3.1 only use the website, its content and functionality for lawful purposes;

1.3.2 refrain from the use of the website, its content and functionality, in any way that infringes the rights of any other user of the website;

1.3.3 refrain from:

a) harassing or impersonating any person using the website or related network and systems;

b) transmitting pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene, violent, discriminatory, abusive or offensive language or content;

c) accessing or making use of networks, systems, services or data in an unauthorised manner;

d) interference with the functionality and services offered by the website, including but not limited to, sending and/or broadcasting numerous or duplicate emails or similar messages that deliberately flood or overload a system;

e) testing, scanning or probing the vulnerability or security of the website and its related systems without the express permission of Risk ZA Group;

f) monitoring traffic or collecting information, including personal information and third party information, without their authorisation and the authorisation of Risk ZA Group;

g) using the site directly or indirectly to disseminate malicious code or to use the website or its domain to impersonate another person or legal entity.

2. Accuracy of information

2.1 Risk ZA Group will at all times seek to provide information that is current and informative. However, Risk ZA Group acknowledges that errors and omissions may be present in the information it presents and does not warrant that information is accurate or complete. By using the Risk ZA Group website you agree that Risk ZA Group shall not be liable for any reliance you place on such information.

2.2 References and links to other websites are presented on the Risk ZA Group website for your convenience only. Risk ZA Group in no way endorses the content of another website and cannot be held liable for the currency or accuracy of information contained on such websites.

2.2.1 When using a link or referenced website, you are solely responsible to check the policies of the associated website or link to ensure you are satisfied with the terms, conditions and other matters which may otherwise compromise you. 

3. User Participation

3.1 Users that are provided access to chat rooms or other interactive features, including but not limited to email, agree to the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy.

3.2 Any contribution to, or use of, such interactive features are of a non-confidential and non-proprietary nature. You therefore acknowledge and accept that such contributions are within the terms of all policies published on the Risk ZA Group Website, and prevailing law, and are transmitted to others at your own risk.

3.3 You expressly agree that Risk ZA Group shall not be held directly, or indirectly via third party, liable should the content of your contribution be inaccurate, illegal, inappropriate, viewed or used by unauthorised persons.

4. Waiver of rights

4.1 Should Risk ZA Group fail to exercise its rights in terms of your performance of your obligations under the terms and conditions published on the Risk ZA Group website, this does not constitute a waiver of the rights to which Risk ZA Group Proprietary Limited is entitled. You are not relieved of your obligation to comply with all published terms unless expressly stated by Risk ZA Group to be a waiver, and is communicated to you in writing.