How Do I Provide A 5-Star Customer Experience?

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You’ve managed to attract a customer to buy your product instead of your competitor’s. Well done! You’ve achieved the first step in the customer experience journey! In store, Susan, as we’ll call her, was assisted by friendly, helpful sales staff who patiently answered her questions, and she left the store feeling happy and satisfied. She even told her friends about her great experience.

Months later, Susan’s baby slid out the side of the walking ring. Angry and upset, she reported the incident to the store manager who showed no interest or compassion. Susan posted her complaint to Hello Peter, which reads:

Unsafe baby equipment risked my baby’s life!
“I bought a walking ring and my baby slid through the side and bumped her head! When I explained this to the manager she simply said: “would you like another one”! She showed no compassion. Not only do they sell equipment that has not passed safety checks but they also refuse to give you your money back. I’m devastated as my child’s life was put at risk.”

This is a sad story…not only because Susan’s baby was hurt.

It’s regrettable because the owner set out years ago to grow a small family business into a national company by offering customers exceptional service and clearly not all staff are living this vision. 

For years, businesses weren’t built to change. They established a ‘success formula’, and tweaked the business model here and there to reflect new trends.

Now, analysts like Deon Chang say what customers want is the biggest trend for the 21st century and beyond. It’s no longer about how you want to sell but how your customers want to buy. This means getting back to basics and getting to the root of any problem for a healthier business.

We need to be obsessed with our customers and solve the problems that keep them up at night!

“Customers are the beating heart of our businesses and employees are the blood that flows through the veins. We should harness our human capital” – Carmen Murray, Owner, Boo-Yah! 


Why has customer experience become such a hot topic? It’s because consumer expectations are higher, and word of mouth travels faster than ever before. People’s awareness about quality and broader social issues has also influenced organisations around the world.

Great customer experiences drives loyalty and revenue, and improving the customer experience is now a strategic imperative for almost all organisations. Downplaying its importance is no longer an option as the voice of customers get louder and louder.

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your organisation. So how can you improve the way customers interact with your business at every touchpoint?

The ultimate aim of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is to give organisations the “tools” to satisfy their customers effectively. ISO 9001:2015 deals with customer satisfaction directly when it states that the: “organisation shall monitor customers’ perceptions of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled.”

ISO 9001:2015 lists examples of how this information can be obtained by for example eliciting customer feedback and providing warranties. These can be effective ways of establishing whether your customer is satisfied.

But there’s much more to customer satisfaction than sending out a survey and asking for feedback. If you aspire to be truly great and a market leader, you need systems to improve efficiency in every area of operation.

So, what within ISO 9001:2015 can we use to help us build closer relationships with our customers?

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Tony Cunningham and Risk ZA facilitators are accomplished, and highly effective in assisting us with educating and upskilling our executive, and SHEQ personnel in understanding and implementing the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and the OHSAS 18001 Standard.” – WSSA

WSSA manages water treatment systems and provides bulk water solutions to municipal customers. The organisation opted for the internationally recognised ISO Management Systems standards to manage compliance obligations and customers’ expectations. WSSA is a triple ISO certified organisation, and Risk ZA has provided training and consulting services to WSSA for a number of years.


Risk ZA has collective experience of over 30 years in training, consulting and implementing ISO related solutions for organisations of all types and sizes in the Southern African region. We are leading experts in the field of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, and well-positioned to assist your organisation build a solid foundation for growth. Don’t hesitate to give the team a call on +27 (0) 31 569 5900, email info@riskza.com or use our contact form.

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